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Breathe | Sweat Breathe | Sweat

Laugh | Heal Laugh | Heal


The big chill is upon us. It’s here whether we like it or not. And as the world begins to freeze, we are invited to

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Cool Girl Summer

Summer has arrived and is here to stay. We’ve had a couple of sizzlers recently, and along with the beautiful sunshine comes a fresh feeling

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Summer Yin

With the arrival of June, we transition slowly into summer despite what the rain last week would have us think! Along with the sunshine comes

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Chakra Mudras

The word mudra means gesture, seal or attitude and hasta mudras (hand gestures) are safely and commonly used to affect how the vital energy of

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Everything in existence is made of energy. Ancient healing practices, including Yoga and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to name but two, have based their understanding

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Dealing with Change

Autumn Musings I miss summer. My heating is currently broken and I don’t like being cold. And I don’t like wearing socks, let alone layers

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