KORE Therapy

KORE Therapy

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What is KORE Therapy?

Kinaesthetic Optimum Recovery Enhancement

KORE Therapy is a holistic complementary therapy that can uncover the root cause of pain, suffering, weakness or imbalance which may be experienced in the body.  By using specifically developed muscle testing, trained therapists can determine which areas of the body need assistance, usually concentrating upon the spine, the pelvis and the neck, working out from there. The therapist will then use a range of Eastern and Western release techniques to mobilise the body which may included fascial release, Tuina massage, fire cupping, Amno Fu, and cranial balancing. Treatments are held in Gravesend, Kent and are usually fully clothed and you are advised to wear comfortable, sport-style clothing to your sessions.

What happens during a KORE session?

There are three distinct phases to each KORE treatment:

1. Unique muscle tests begin each session to identify imbalances, injuries or poor function which is held in your body.
2. Using the diagnosis derived from the muscle tests, the second stage is to target your condition with a range of treatments. These could be cupping therapy, Tuina massage, mobilisation, fascial release, energy release or acupuncture.
3. At the end of your session, muscle testing is then repeated to ensure that the interventions have been successful.  

Often great improvements can be felt after just one session. Advice is given at the end of your session to further support your healing journey and your recovery time. 

Your healing journey has begun. You are now in control of your well-being.


At Seeking Stillness, we believe that preventative holistic medicine is key to health and well-being. One hundred years ago in China, you saw your doctor to keep you well rather than waiting for a problem to occur.  KORE MOT follows the same approach. Every 3 months you attend a one-hour KORE session where any aches, pains or held tensions can be addressed. This helps to keep your body in top working order and empowers you to feel your best. Book these sessions in yearly at a discounted rate so that you never forget to take care of your well-being

Whilst the wisdom of many complementary therapies have been developed over centuries, modern science has not yet found the time to clinically prove many of their benefits. As such, the Advertising Standards Authority does not allow any person or company to claim their treatments can help a particular condition that you may suffer from, unless there is clinical proof.

Please don’t think there isn’t help available for you because of this; call or email Seeking Stillness so we can discuss your condition and what might be appropriate treatments for you. 

"You yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserves your love and affection"

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