What To Do With Yourself AFTER a Yoga Retreat

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Coming back from a yoga retreat really sucks. It is quite normal to have a severe case of the blues and it might continue for a week or two until you fully accept your place back into your reality again.

We miss the safety, the relaxed environment and the loving embrace that being on Retreat gives us. 

We miss the luxury of not having to concern ourselves with the mundane – there’s no commuting, no concerning ourselves with what to have for dinner or who’s going to shop or prepare the next meal. There’s even someone to take care of our washing, if we so wish. It is an indulgent week of no responsibilities.

We spend quality time with like-minded souls and share deep conversations; we take more yoga classes than usual and have the chance to explore and challenge our practice. Usually the weather is lovely enough to practice outdoors and we’ve soaked up the sounds and the sites of nature and the natural environment.

So what can we do to alleviate the blues? 

1. Keep Practising

You practised yoga daily while you were away. Now is your job to keep that momentum flowing. Even if you step onto your mat for just 10 minutes of yoga a day, you will absolutely reap the benefits and it will help you to feel more connected to your practice, taking you back to all those wonderful classes you enjoyed while you were on your retreat.

2. Eat really well

You probably consumed a very healthy diet whilst you were on retreat. Do your best to maintain this standard – avoid sugar, avoid alcohol and keep those healthy vibes going strong.

3. Get plenty of sleep

Go to bed early. Read a book. Meditate. Give yourself a chance to rest so that you can absorb and process the feelings and thoughts you might be having upon your return home.

4. Stay in touch

You probably made some superb friends whilst you were on retreat. Try to maintain those relationships by getting a date in the diary when you can see each other again. Stay connected on social media platforms or find other ways to keep the vibe going for as long as possible.

5. Plan, book or start saving for your next retreat!

Give yourself something to look forward to. It will make all the difference.

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